Fave Fics

Six by: Sarge's Girls E/B WIP

Strange Scales by: NemmaStar E/B WIP

MVP by: AKABrattyVamp E/B complete

Marked by: LyricalKris E/B complete

Chimera by: WeeKittyAndTATT E/B WIP

In Pursuit by: Sarge's Girls E/B complete

Bus Stop by: Edward's Eternal E/B complete

Under My Nose by: gabby1017 E/B complete

Quiet Storm by: SexyLexiCullen   E/B  complete

Weather the Storm(Sequel to Quiet Storm)by: SexyLexiCullen    E/B  complete

There Will Be Blood by: johnnyboy7  E/B  complete

There Will Be Freedom(sequel to There Will Be Blood) by: johnnyboy7   E/B  complete

Beautiful Savage by: readingmama   E/B  complete

The Selkie Man by: DarkBlueBella E/B complete

The Selkie Wife by: Lissa Bryan  E/B  complete

I remain, Yours by: Momatu   E/B   complete


Because of a Scar by: abbymickey   Jas/Bella  WIP

Bitemarks & Bloodstains by: forthelongestday   Jas/Bella  complete

Finished Product by: Mortisssues   Jas/Bella  complete

Ultonis by: Mortissues   Jas/Bella  complete

Pax by: Mortissues   Jas/Bella  complete

Repudiation by: Mortissues   G/B + E/B  complete

Unobservable Entity by: Mortissues  Jas/Bella  complete

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by: Lifelesslyndsey  Peter/Bella  complete

A Case of You by: Mrs. Monster  Peter/Bella  complete

Be Like Water by: Taoist elf   Paul/Bella  complete


Since by: MizzHyde   Jas/Ed  complete

A Tangible Dichotomy by: Perfectly Persuasive  Jas/Ed  complete

He Who Dares, Watches by: Fr333bird   Jas/Ed  complete

Sinner's Island by: TwistedforTwilight  Jas/Ed  complete